Support Bardera- Somalia Floods affected People

Although Somalia deals with one of the world's biggest public health threats from COVID-19, which has so far claimed many lives in the country and infected a lot of people in less than 2 months, the country is also faced floods according WHO that have killed 24 people and affected over 700 000 people in 24 districts. The floods affected different regions of Somalia and displaced almost 283 000 people.

Bardera district of Gedo region (Jubaland state) of Somalia is among the affected regions by floods. The district and its surrounding areas have received heavy rains, which affected the IDPs areas, agro-pastoral, and riverine communities. The heavy rains and river floods have destroyed the main roads to and from Bardera town thus affecting transportation of the goods and services inside and outside the district. The town has basically been cut off and has been isolated and the farms are water logged. The floods have also caused the displacement of all riverine populations who have moved to either to Bardera town or to higher grounds from the low lying areas.

Since the start of the heavy rains and flooding, the local people capacity to respond have been exhausted and destroyed by the magnitude of the disaster. No external support from either Government or NGOs was available during the floods.

HIRDA has been working Bardera since 1998 and supporting local community with contribution of diaspora communities and other stakeholders. Therefore we are aiming with project to support the most vulnerable people in district and specially the IDPs elders and the single mothers that have been affected by floods through distribution of either food voucher or emergency food to cover food needs of the flood in this month.  With project we will support 50 IDPs families and provide food vouchers equivalent to 50 dollar.

Support us to support the needy people in Bardere district of Gedo region (Jubaland state) of Somalia


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