IFTAR Ramadan 2022

IFTAR Ramadan 2022

Ramadan started today 2end of April. A lot of people all over the world are fasting during Ramadan month. Most vulnerable in Somalia don’t effort food for the iftar in the month of Ramadan, and especially people living in drought effected areas. Due to the drastic climate change, Somalia has last year’s frequent droughts and extreme rainfall. Now, More than four million Somalis are now struggling to find food and water. We aim for this action to support the drought-50 affected families and disadvantage people in Bardera Gedo of southern Somalia.

Somalia has the worst drought in the decades. Bardhere district in Gedo region of Somalia is one of most drought-affected area in the southern Somalia. People are living with small shelters without food and water. According to UN, the situation will be worsening if the rains do not fall in April.

Within this project, 50 households with average of 7 persons (350 beneficiary) will receive food items such as Sugar, Date, Flour, Oil and Rice. Each family got 12.5 kg per item except date and oil, which are 8 kg and 7 liters respectively. The food will be distributed in a pleasant environment, the beneficiaries’ worries of hunger among the poor were reduced, and they were satisfied with the food deliveries.

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