IFTAR Ramadan 2021


IFTAR Ramadan 2021

Ramadan started this week during a time the coronavirus pandemic upends life around the world. We, people living in the developed countries, are some of the luckiest people during this time. We can order food, do our shopping online, are able to maintain the measures of the government and have the support of the governments. What about people who are living in underdeveloped countries with lawlessness and have lack of control by the central governments as well as the lack of healthcare infrastructures. A place where people should have to fight to find food for their families, who are surviving and are not able to maintain the government measures.

Somalia is one of these countries where corona virus effected for the second time and the death numbers are increasing from January until now. The concern about the virus outbreak became a reality. Total number of infected people and death are currently rising daily while the health care system of the country is minimum. HIRDA foundation has been implementing IFTAR projects since 2000 in Somalia for highly vulnerable people such IDPs single mothers and the disabled people. For this project we aim to support 50 families in Bardera – South Somalia for IFTAR in the form of cash vouchers of 50 dollar that they can use to buy food items. Ramadan 2020 and 2021 are different from the other years as people will not be able to attend IFTAR events, pray together or go out and visit families, the neighbors and friends. However this provides us with additional opportunities as the Somalia diaspora (people from this country) where we can show our support, share our wealth and support those people who needs us most. Support this us and donate.

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