Tiphaine's 42,195 km run around the bay for the oceans

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Research showed that by 2015, humans had generated 8.3 billion metric tons of plastics, 6.3 billion tons of which had already become waste. Of that waste total, only 9%was recycled, 12% was incinerated and 79% accumulated in landfills or the natural environment: i.a. in rivers, lakes, seas and the oceans. 
More and more plastic is floating in our oceans and seas. It comes from rubbish that we throw away on the street, fishnets that are discarded, and from washing synthetic clothing and brushing our teeth. All these different types of plastic together form the plastic soup in the seas and oceans. 
Due to the effects of weathering, sunlight and wave action, this plastic reduces to smaller particles. This leads to serious pollution for the wildlife and for humans!

On May 27, I have run my first ever marathon around the gorgeous Mont Saint Michel bay. I have been working hard toward this goal for 6 months; a difficult training with many ups and downs! Lots of blood (countless blisters!), sweat and tears went into the preparation for this epic run; but it is worth every single step taken so far (no less than 2,5 million!), all 600+ kilometer run & 450+ kilometer cycled as it is for a good cause!

On May 27, I have run my first ever marathon to support the Plastic Soup FoundationWill you please sponsor me and share my cause to help raising awareness and find new solutions to combat the plastic plague in our oceans and water?

All donations go directly to the Plastic Soup Foundation 
The payment page is available in Nederlands, English & Francais
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Happy belated birthday from Capt.ZAPpoz

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Ik volg je pas sinds kort op Twitter, maar ben sindsdien fan! @CZappoz

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Goed gedaan Tiphaine

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Well done Tiphaine!

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Bravo cousine ! Je suis fière de ton engagement pour la planète :)

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