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The Language Friendly School is a global network of schools that welcome and support all languages spoken by their students. 

Our mission

Our goal is to transform 250 schools worldwide into Language Friendly Schools by the year 2025. Step by step we will expand our network and provide additional support and opportunities for inclusion and equity in education. Through these efforts, we aim to increase access to effective language-friendly learning environments for children.


The benefits of Language Friendly Schools are clear: students flourish academically, showing higher motivation and engagement in their studies. Parents tend to be more involved with the school when their child's home language is acknowledged and valued. Additionally, teachers report feeling more confident and equipped to teach multilingual students.

Starting with 2 schools in 2019, we have now successfully established a global network of 25 Language Friendly Schools. We provide these schools with a supportive entry into the network, as well as access to an online platform for sharing information and networking. Additionally, we organize meetings, live conferences, and peer-learning events.

Your contribution

With your support, we can move forward to the next phase of growth for the network, and enhance the professional development opportunities for educators.

Your contribution will enable us to:

  • Bring in and support more schools with high percentages of students from marginalized backgrounds
  • Enhance our IT capabilities
  • Create and design online learning courses
  • Launch targeted marketing campaigns
  • Provide financial assistance for schools in the Global South that lack funding to participate in the network.

The Language Friendly School is a programme of the Rutu Foundation, a recognized non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands. Your donation may be eligible for tax deduction in the Netherlands. 


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Rutu Foundation

The mission of the Rutu Foundation is to make linguistic and cultural diversity the norm in education.

All children have an equal right to an education that respects their cultural identity including their languages. – Art. 29, Convention on the Rights of the Child – 

We believe that all children, especially indigenous children and children from migrant and minority backgrounds, should have every opportunity to learn in and through the languages they and their families use and understand well. They should be educated in a way that allows them to grow and flourish, well-rooted in their own languages and cultures.

What we do

  • We support schools to value the cultural and linguistic diversity of their  students, among others through the Language Friendly School.
  • We support indigenous communities to realize their own educational programmes and pass on their traditional knowledge to their youth.
  • We provide training, develop multilingual learning materials and build networks of educators, parents, researchers and policy makers that support our mission.
  • We advocate for full respect of article 29 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and to reach Goal 4 (quality education for all) and Goal 10 (reduced inequalities) of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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