Persea Foundation team runs for UAF

Persea americana is the scientific name of avocado. Originally from Mesoamerica, avocados appeared during the Pleistocene, approximately 13,000 years ago. Persea Foundation, like avocados, is a contribution to the Latin American identity through the dissemination of scientific knowledge. We strongly believe that well-educated citizens are crucial to healthy democracies. They foster sustainability, social cohesion, and trust in their institutions, and are indispensable to understand the value in the protection of our environment and fight climate change.

In Persea Foundation we strive to captivate the general public and immerse them into the fascinating world of science and technology. We are devoted to the creation of scientific culture in Latin America. Our aim is to provide a link between science and society for Spanish speaking people by producing high-quality products and events.

We are also socially committed with the Netherlands.  For that reason, this time we are running to help refugee students in The Netherlands.  

Help Alexandra een handje mee en meld je aan als teamlid!

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