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DJ Raphaella Brown's ; Live Stream Party - With Love ;)

As a DJ and independent worker these are hard times, since we will have no source of income at all (besides a small bit from the state... Unless I decide to change my line of work, which I have been doing the last 20 years. But guess what, I wont (yet). I will try my utter best to keep the spirits up and make people have a party no matter what!!! I've invested in some equipment to make the streams work and to continue doing what I (and others) do best. That is to put a smile on people's faces or to let them forget this weird movie we are in, even if it's only for a moment. I live for those moments.

DUE to COVID 19 and the restrictions for it we can't do what we love before an audience and we won't for a long while. Word says May 2021 things will slowly get back to normal, but that still doesn't mean clubs will directly open or reach a full capacity. I would really love to continue making people happy. In order to keep on doing what I do (and also support some dear colleagues with their proces along the way)...I decided to create the possibility for you to DONATE. Please, do NOT feel obliged to do so, but keep in mind that I will put a lot of effort and time in this. In case I can't pay some bills with the donations, I eventually will look for another solution. There always is another solution ;) So don't worry, I am a survivor. In case you do want to support I'd say YAY!!!! Let's party in any WAY!!! 

You can follow my own Friday evening streamsessions HERE.


Thanks in advance.

Yours Truly, Raphaella Brown.



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