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MH17 Memorial Monument

WSF likes your support for realisation of a flight MH17 Memorial Monument. For remembering the death and ask for peace on location, in the Ukraine, and for the world in general. To have on location a place to come back for the relatives will be a great help for processing the grief. For the locals that came involved it can a point of attention and let go as well. The monument will become one of the first in his kind of a global SUM initiative for awaking the people to stop war and foster peace. Above an impression of the MH17 Memorial Monument. In the centre of the square will stay an 8 meter tall 8 winged statue with 8 people on the top and a globe in its heart. The square will be surrounded by 6 info boards, with left the names and history of the disaster and right the info of what came after, a overview of actual wars, SUM monuments and actions. The entrance is in front of the image, facing the statue. With in the background a view over fields of the crash. Left is space for a chapel and right for an info building with toilets. The budget is not yet clear but estimate on € 400.000, from which half will go to the monument maintenance fund. Surplus go to other monuments for Memorials and Sustainable Peace. You can support by sponsoring using this button. More in general about the SUM Statues you can read at www.worldsustainabilityfund.nl.
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World Sustainability Fund

The World Sustainability Fund is a foundation initiated by Emile van Essen because he saw the gap between The World We Created, The World We Want, and The World We Need.
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