Fund Kasuri: Experience Century-Old Japanese Textiles!

Join us on a journey through time and space to experience the world via its many unique weaving practices! One such weaving tradition we are looking at is Japanese Kasuri. We are organizing and hosting a webinar series which we hope will be a stepping stone for future works concerning Japanese Kasuri textile art and tradition.

Our webinar series will feature a variety of speakers, including Kasuri artisans, scholars, designers, who, together, will provide us with deeper insights into the history, production, and sustainable future of Kasuri. The series will also touch upon the connections to Ikat weaving traditions in other parts of the world that are maintained to this day. 

Interest in Kasuri weaving, like many cultural heritages around the world, is sadly dimming. Despite the rapid changes in technology we are witnessing each day, we believe it worthwhile to hold onto the important practices that shaped our past and adapt them for the future. With your help, we can continue to treasure Japanese Kasuri and further build up the friendships that have been made through global weaving cultures. 

Your contributions will go to accommodating the speakers with anything they may need to bring the Kasuri experience to its maximum potential. This means, for example, generously providing the artisans with materials such as textile samples or crafting tools. This way we will all help strengthen the bonds between Kasuri and other weaving traditions as well as keep the heritage alive. As we develop the webinar itinirary, we'll keep you updated!

We thank you in advance for showing what the world means to you, because it means the world to us!

So let us wrap you up in the breezy cloth of Kasuri, and join our efforts to bring this webinar series to life: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’s Kasuri!


ABOUT US: The Center for Culture and Development - The Netherlands (CCD-NL) is a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gaps of cultures around the world and preserving world cultural heritage. Our focus is on the connections between the many countries across the globe that have strong cultural and economic ties to the Netherlands. For the past couple of years, we have been extremely interested in traditional weaving techniques, which we believe provide the foundation for everyday life in cultures on every continent and are a continuous source of inspiration to creators past and present.

Find us at: www.ccd-nl.org, Instagram @ccd_nl


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A. Cilon

Succes 😉

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T. Akiyama

Kasuri is a beautiful and unique Japanese traditional woven. I wish this project will succeed !

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D. de haan

I am a Kasuri lover and a Japan lover. colorful greetings d oo rtje de haan www.kleurvormgeving.nl

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