Friends of Orlando

"Our hearts and minds are, in the space of the last few days, full with love and thoughts for Orlando. We loved him so much and want to give him what he deserves. The best goodbye ever. We want to do this in his style and want something beautiful to remember him by".

With these words we started our campain, just 2 days ago, to raise some money to support Orlando's family and give Orlando the best goodbye ever. In the last couple of weeks are emotions have been a mix of sadness and shock. But mixed with a warmth because we were priviliged be close to such a tremendous and unique person.

Right now are hearts are filled with gratitude. We expected some support in our campain but the response has been unbelievable. Within one day we reached our target of 33,000. Something we did not expect at all and something we are so greatful for. Thank you to everyone who donated. Thank you to everyone who took time to share our story. Words cannot express our thanks. We love you all.

It has now been confirmed that Orland's funeral will take place privately with family. The money raised will cover any costs incurred for the funeral and any costs for his resting place there after. We will make sure that the family receive all the financial support that they need. 

In the days after his funeral we will hold our own goodbye. The money raised will help us hire a big hall where we can hold a service, attended by his friends young and old. There will be speeches, tributes, music, films and lots and lots of flowers. After the service we will party just as Orlando would want us to. Good food, good music, lots of hugs and kisses. 

We expect that there will be some money left over. Of course this will be donated respectfully to a place we seem fitting for Orlando. Naturally, via this site, we will keep you updated with where the money goes.

We have decided that, despite your continuing generosity, we will switch off the fundraising at midnight tonight. 

Again words cannot express how greatful we are to so much positivity and kindness. We are so happy that he will be laid to rest in a  beautiful place where the yellow sun shines, the white snow falls, the birds sing and the leaves fall

Thank you so much. 

Friends of Orlando. x

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