TESS Unlimited

26 Miles for Unlimited Smiles

Our Mission

This year, in order to raise money and awareness for children born with cleft/lip and palate, six runners from different parts of the world will come together and run the New York City Marathon.

Like all charity fundraising events, in addition to donating any desired monetary amount, we have also decided to make our fundraising event a little bit more interesting and engaging for our sponsors by allowing them the opportunity to "Guess The Finishing Times for New York 2015 runners"  

Starting August 10nd, sponsors will be able to guess the finishing time of their favorite runner(s) by getting to know them based on some basic information, such as their age, location, running history and their purpose for running the NYC marathon with TESS Unlimited.

Just a reminder that guessing a runners time is optional. If a sponsor just wants to donate to our cause that would be greatly appreciated!

Every donation matters because 100% of the funds we raise will go directly to buying necessary milk for malnourished babies with cleft lips/palates, provide speech-language therapy, and most importantly, provide needed cleft lip/palate surgeries.

If a sponsor does decide to guess, the sponsor who guesses the correct time of any of our runners will win a prize! Wondering what kind of prizes we are giving? Scroll down below to see one of the prizes you can win for guessing, but be sure to stay tuned because we will be announcing new prizes every two weeks every Monday until the day of the Marathon.


How do I donate and place my guess?


1) Meet our Runners by reading their profiles below and choose your favorite runner

2) Click the DONATE NOW link at the top of this page

3) Select any dollar amount you wish to donate to TESS Unlimited.

*Donations will be made in Euro's. For those in the USA, 10 Euros = $11 USD

 4) In the COMMENT BOX:

Write the name of the runner(s) and their finish time(s) in hours:minutes:seconds 

For Example, John Smith 03:28:04 

This is needed in order to be considered for the prizes!!


Ok, now it's time to meet the Runners....


To read more about Carrie, Jason, Douglas, Crystal, Lydian and Tessa. Please see the photos below!


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