Jakob Klcovansky

Jakob & Jakob in Sahara

Dear friends and family, as most of you know, Jakob & Jakob are running the Marathon des Sables in April 2013. We challenge YOU, our families, colleagues and friends ro raise money for our charity: the Children's Ward at Saint Francis' Hospital in Zambia. The money will among other things help to buy equipment and medicines that are sorely lacking for the Children's Ward. Not only bandages, antibiotics and pulseoxymetres but also simple things such as rubber gloves and bed linens. We would like to thank you so much for your generosity! Remember that we will be running for a week through a hot and dry Sahara, shedding sweat, blood and tears for you. All we ask in return is that you take a minute of your time and make a donation to our charity. It will make a difference. Jakob & Jakob
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Saint Francis Hospital-Medical Support Group

Stichting heeft ten doel het geven van materiele en immateriele steun aan het St.Francis' Hosptial te Katete in Zambia Staat ingeschreven bij de  Kamer van Koophandel, heeft geen CBF keurmerk, wel ANBI geregistreerd.  

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