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The objectives of the Worldview Mission Suriname Foundation are• Poverty reduction in deprived areas.• Promoting and improving community development in Suriname in the social, cultural, educational and financial areas.To achieve these goals, the following programs have been established to support them.1. The Women's Program;This program aims to improve the living and housing conditions of women throughout Suriname and the rural areas in particular in the broadest sense.Women are often the pullers of families the reality tells us that if women are well and healthy, they have received a good education, the families they care for are also doing well. Within this program projects will be carried out that will provide women with tools that will contribute to improved living and housing conditions.This program will have to ensure that poverty within families is reduced. Women/men will be given tools to improve their financial situation. With theimplementation of the women's program, thehttps://worldviewmission.nl/?page_id=2764 UN Sustainable Development Goal 1 ; No Poverty and Goal 2; Zero Hunger to be completed2. Youth Program;The youth program should give young people a good foundation in the process to adulthood. In the implementation of this program, young people will receive support through, among other things, training that will be carried out to strengthen their mental, social, cultural, educational and financial areas. Not only training in the areas mentioned above, but also the establishment of partnerships and Gender equality will be included. With the important saying that the young people are the people of tomorrow, we want to invest as much as possible in young and young adolescents so that they can form a basis for a better futureThis program must give substance to UN Sustainable Development Goal No 4 Quality Education, no 5 Gender equality and goal no 17 Partners for the Goals.3. The early stimulation program for children aged 0-5 years, Early childhood development (ECD)The aim of this program is to offer the young child every opportunity to grow up in a healthy and clean environment.Even though Surinamese children also have the right to a good start in life, especially the children in the interior are very vulnerable because of many problems related to inadequate health services, education, safe drinking water and nutrition. Because of lack of financial and other resources and formal education, the parents of these children are often not able to sufficiently provide in a good start in life for their childrenThat the young child is optimally simulated that it may grow up healthy. In view of the above, the focus will be on projects that will be carried out domestically. Under the condition all projects that will be carried out must fall under Sustainable Development Goals no 3; Good Health and well-being and goal no 4 Quality educationWorldview Mission Constitution                                                                              https://worldviewmission.nl/?page_id=829

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