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The Somali Taekwondo Federation was established in 2012 and with this, the Somali National Team of Taekwondo. The federation helps athletes around the world to achieve their full potential, prepare them for competitions, as well as selecting athletes to compete at African Championships, World Championships, and the Olympic Games. The Somali National Team exists of young men and women from Somalia and the Somali diaspora from all over the world. Since 2012 they have been growing fast and are continuously improving their performances in tournaments worldwide. The federation builds on funds from individual donations from all around the world to support and enhance the sport and its athletes, focusing on improving opportunities for the Somali athletes participate in many tournament. HIRDA is excited to support their endeavors and provide financial assistance to the youngsters that exercise the sport. In May 2014 the Somali National Team will be going to the African Championship in xxx. This means they need among others accommodation and travel costs. Already we have heard enthusiastic reactions from people that would very much like to support the youngsters. Via this link you can show them your support by donating a small or bigger amount. We are striving towards 3000 Euros and we hope that by the end of April we have been able to raise this!