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Project Lombok, Indonesia (2006 -) The number of street children in Indonesia and other developing countries is enormous (and increasing). To help these children, a new large project area is in the process of being constructed very quickly. A large piece of land (1.2 hectares) situated among the rice paddies with the famous mountain 'Gunung Rinjani' as a backdrop has proved the ideal location for the building of this new project area. The new project area will contain three shelters (maximum capacity: 144 children), a medical facility, a special school (maximum capacity: 150 children), a handcraft school (maximum capacity: 150 children), an office/staff building, two water towers, two wells, an auditorium, a playground, a central kitchen facility, an emergency power house, a swimming pool and a handcraft school. In January 2007, the first shelter was completed, as well as the office/staff building, one water tower, the emergency power house, the central kitchen facility and the primary school. In December 2007 the second shelter and the handycraft school was completed. The new project area opened its doors for the first group of (former) street children in February 2007. By the summer of 2007, the project will be fully utilised, with space for max. 144 children and up to 50 local employees. The full funds needed to complete the new project area, however, are yet to be raised. €310.104 has thus far been collected and turned into real results (see the pictures). To complete all the facilities including the last shelter, the foundation must raise another €212.674. Additional funds are also needed to cover annual operational costs. For more information, see the Annual Report of 2006 or contact us. Every month we need to collect around 5.000 euro to cover the monthly annual operation costs for this project. Please, the children need your help!


In the shelters on the Lombok project of the foundation already more than 50 children are living with full of joy, where they are educated and get all the care they need. However, the number of street children, who are still on the streets, is enormous. Foundation Peduli Anak cares about them too. In order to give every (street) child in need a fair chance to a better future, the Peduli Anak Foundation is searching for contributors of their "Child Support Plan", who will become a financial adoption parent of one of the children living with the Peduli Anak Foundation. Instead of general donations (used for general purposes) your entire contribution of the "Child Support Plan" will be only used for the costs of your adoption child, like food, clothing and school. For less than 50 euro per month you can support a child of the Peduli Anak Foundation and you will become his or hers financial adoption parent. or 48 euro per month you can help a child of Foundation Peduli Anak to give him or her a chance to a better future. The next table shows you how your monthly contribution of the "Child Support Plan" will be wisely spend. Purposes Costs (in euro) Food/ drinks 24 3 times a day a (fresh) meal, consisting of dark rice, vegetable, meat or fish and fruit.   Clothing/ shoes 4 Education 7 School contribution, uniforms, books and other school supplies   Daily care 10 Costs of shelter, daily and medical care   Back-up 3 This reserve is meant for unexpected costs.   Total 48 The contribution of "Child Support Plan" is fixed, in other words smaller contributions are not possible within the "Child Support Plan". However, there is the option of sharing the support of a child of Foundation Peduli Anak with friends or relatives.

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