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The Peduli Anak Foundation is a global NGO that fights for the rights of (street) children suffering due to a lack of upbringing, education and medical support. The foundation is the first of its kind to implement a concept called 'business & charity' - a unique approach towards social justice work that aims to break the cycle of poverty structurally, while adopting business principles of efficiency, uniformity, and effectiveness. The foundation offers impoverished and homeless children a full 'life path', beginning with education, shelter and emotional support, and evolving into coaching, job mediation, scholarships for higher education, and micro-credit for starting a business. By establishing its own production facilities in the future, the foundation will not only create future job opportunities for the children, but strengthen its own sustainability while bringing work to the local community. Reducing poverty, child abuse, mortality, exploitation and the spread of deadly diseases in combination with boosting local prosperity and access to decent medical facilities, are the fundamental goals of the Peduli Anak Foundation - goals that reflect the 'UN Millennium Goals' created in 2000 and signed by 189 countries globally and the UN Convention of the Right of the Child (1989) which is signed by Indonesian Government in 1990.
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