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Stichting Ark runs a not-for-profit children’s daycare and expertise centre established in Amsterdam in 2011.

We provide specialised care and guidance for children aged 3 - 13 years with autism and additional complex developmental disorders. Our focus is especially on children who, because of their challenges, are exempt from the school system and require constant one-to-one care and supervision.

As well as requiring specialised care, a child exempt from school will have limited opportunities to interact with peers and with the wider community. Learning with others, growing together, and negotiating relationships with peers are all crucial components of every child’s development; as is learning to interact with the physical and social world around them. For children with autism, social communication and interaction lie at the core of their challenges. Limited access to group learning, play, and other social activities can exacerbate these challenges and restrict a child's potential for development, independence, and meaningful inclusion in society.

Ark provides the constant one-to-one support these children need; but we do this in the context of a dynamic small group setting. We offer a child-focused learning environment with individualised development plans. At the heart of our programme are supported peer-to-peer and community activities designed to develop the children’s independence, and at the same time raise awareness in the wider community and improve responses to all children with specialneeds – helping all of us to reach our full potential.

Our Mission Statement:

All children have within them the potential to be great kids. It’s our job to create a great world where this potential can flourish.” 

Stanley Greenspan, M.D. (‘Great Kids’, 2007)

Visit also www.arkstichting.nl

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