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Mike's Mongol Derby Fundraising for Greyhounds

In August 2019 Mike is going to compete in the Mongol Derby. The world’s longest and toughest horse riding race – a 1000 km slog on semi-wild horses across the Mongolian steppe.

Apart from the amazing race experience it is a good opportunity to promote retired racing greyhounds. When Mike was little his family owned a number of racing greyhounds. After they finished their racing career they stayed with the family as pets. Mike often tells stories of Beaujolais (a real character) and Merville or Cindy. Recollections about how they went to train them at Kidderminster or go to the races with the whole family (two parents, four kids and a big greyhound) bundled up inside a white Morris Traveller (the red leather back seat down and the mass of human and canine bodies spread about on woollen rugs).

Not every racing greyhound is so lucky. To help them and to show people that greyhounds make fantastic pets, Mike wants to raise funds for the Greyhound Trust (which helps re-home the hounds once their racing days have ended): https://www.greyhoundtrust.org.uk/

As Mike first has to arrive in Mongolia to start the adventure, half of the money raised will go towards a return flight ticket and the other half will be sent to the Greyhound Trust.

Help us to help the retired greyhounds and get Mike to the race.

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