Renee Catlady

Help stray animals

Dear animal lover.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Introduction:  My name is Renée, i am a 32 year old animal lover from The Netherlands,i have 8 cats and they give me so much pleasure in live that no money can't buy.

 I work in association with catconnect this is an 100% non profit organisation, for more info click on this link: http://www.catconnect.nl/ , together we try to save as much animals as we can, we try to get them save to the EU for a better future. 

But we need your help with that, yes, your help! the one that is reading this.

Unfortunately we are depending on others to donate to us, even the smallest donation can change the life of the animals in need. 

What will you do with the money that people donate?                                            
- Every day we feed the cats on the streets.                                                               
- Medical treatment at the vet (x-rays, surgery etc)                                                     
- Legally required procedures needed to transport them to the EU (bloodtest for Rabiës, Rabiës vaccination)                                                                                       
-Transportation cost ( gasmoney to the airport,flight tickets to the EU)    

We have some amazing transformations, the latest one is Anbar, he was found on the streets, fully deaf and was in poor condition.                                                     
We took him to 3 vets, he had x rays and got the medical treatment he needed. He lives now temporarly with his fostermom, a dog and 20 other cats.               
Thanks to recent donation to our foundation and the effort of us sharing his story on facebook we managed to get him an forever home in Belguim. (see before and after pictures in the pictures)

Note: We always visit the people that want to adopt one of ''our cats'' , we drive around the EU to see with our own eyes where the potential adoptor lives and if that person can take care of our special needed animals.

Also, our foundation has worked together with netflix when they worked on their new documentary:" Dogs". Episode 2 '' Bravo Zeus" is an amazing story about the reunation with a refugee and his dog and how we managed to make this possible.

We will keep this page updated and share the befores and afters.

Our job is never done, pay it forward. 

Thank you on behalf of all the animals in need. 

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