Help rangers to protect wildlife

Everywhere in the world, nature is under enormous pressure. Large nature areas are in danger of disappearing due to illegal logging, wildfires and pollution. Many vulnerable animal species are threatened by extinction. Although many people see this with great sorrow, the conservationists on the front line and the rangers protecting the national parcs, are ill equipped for their task. Compared to the police and the military, outdated techniques and systems are used, which means that valuable time, energy and information is lost. We cannot afford this as humanity, since time is running out. But at the same time, the modernization of systems requires so much expertise and money that it cannot be afforded by individual conservation organizations

With our solution Sensing Clues helps conservationists by designing the technology such that it can be used with minimal effort and limited technological knowledge. At the same time, the systems are so powerful and robust that they work everywhere and provide maximum action-oriented information with a minimum of effort. In this way we help nature conservation organizations to get to the front of the problems. To grow from a reactive organization to a proactive approach, so that problems can be identified or even prevented at an early stage. As our solution partners sponsor most of the software and hardware of our solution, we can offer it at a very cheap price. This is good news for all endangered species around the world.

Last year we started projects in Kenya, India and Italy. The collection and recording of observations has gained a huge boost in these projects, giving them a much more detailed and up-to-date overview of their area, the animals that live there and the problems that arise. The result is that conservationists show up at the right place at the right time to tackle the prioritized problems. With this we are optimizing how we can protect and preserve nature. In military circles such intelligence is called a force multiplier: it doubles the effectiveness of the “boots on the ground”.

We would like to expand our solution with the automatic recognition of animals on camera-trap photos. That is why we ask you to donate. With your help, you provide the rangers with the tools they need to protect wildlife.

Is your donation greater than 50 euros? Register with your email address on the donation form and we will send you a photo of one of the camtraps. Which animal will be on your picture....???

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