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WINNIE'S DAYCARE AND KINDERGARTEN   No 5 Macumba Jallow Street, Banjul The Gambia. West Afrca. Tel: (220) 7728090   Date: ....4 February 2008   Dear Sir, SEEKING FOR ASSISTANCE I am hereby seeking assistance for the above named center. I am a Gambian by nationality after serving the department of state of Education for a period of 39 years as a qualified teacher. I went up to a position of Deputy Head Teacher before my retirement in 1997. Being lover of children and being experienced in early child welfare I decide and took the initiative to open a modern daycare and Kindergarten School mainly to help mothers to secure employment. As some of them are single parents and when kids are left here, they will be well cared for and their minds will be at ease. We cater for babies from three months4(f five years. I am therefore seeking your assistance in the areas of securing (furniture chairs & tables) Laptops Pentium'IV, lockers, printers, toys, mattress and a plot of land. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. Yours faithfully. Winifred Addison Proprietress Motto: Caring and Excellent Quality