Help children in poverty in Argentina to code the future

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This innovative project teaches underprivileged children in Argentina (62% of children live under poverty line) about coding and programming so they can create their own future. It provides them with the tools to operate at the speed of digital, to innovate, and to ignite social change. It does not just close the digital gap, but it empowers them to create a whole new reality for those currently marginalized. An equal whole world of creativity will be unleashed.


Argentina is on the brink of yet another financial crisis. Many children grow up in poorly maintained neighborhoods facing issues like discrimination, gender inequality and (domestic) violence. Drugs criminality is on the rise and children are the first ones to suffer from it. The digital gap is a more specific problem that needs to be taken seriously. Since technology is developing at an amazing speed those 'disconnected' will increasingly fall behind increasing the power inequity in the world.


The project does not 'just' bridge the digital gap. Children only deserve the best. So we have teamed up with the bright minds of Harvard's Digital Literacy Project. Last year they have traveled from the US to Argentina to train our trainers (read their blog in 'resources'). Together we will give children the understanding of tools to grasp the accelerating nature of technology. And we teach them life skills to make them strong, empowered social beings able to cope with their challenges.

Long-Term Impact

Adding coding to the curriculum of children is innovative even in the developed world. We do expect an incredible impact by giving them this tool set. Coding is an international language that connects people from different backgrounds. Whereas underprivileged children often find themselves discriminated based on gender or social/cultural factors this project unites. It will kick start their imagination of the endless possibilities they can tap into. Changing the world starts by imagining it.


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