Feed the Children campaign

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The poverty level of Marakwet East Constituency is 80% compared to the other parts of Kenya.

This is caused by  many social problems related to poverty. 

Social Problem # 1
Children lack daily basic needs, such as food, clothes, shoes & school materials including motivation to continue with school due to constant attacks from cattle russtling. Instead of playing and being a child, they are bussy surviving the harsh conditions. Many children have been left traumatised because they have no parents to take care of them. The uncertanty that, your parents might be killed by the cattle thieves makes the children afraid to go to school.
School children from this area do not do well at school because they are bussy trying to survive from the attacks of Cattle rustlers. Sometimes schools close for a long time. The children have no  games to play with. 

-From the age of 12 years old, girls get circumcised and are given away to marriage even before finishing school. 

Social Problem # 2
Cattle rustling. This problem have been there for a long time and the people are desparate to have peace restored.  The cattle rustlers from the neighbouring tribe come in the night and steal the cattle and goats. If you try to resist they kill you.
 the kenya Governemnt try to send solders there to  control the situation but for long time they have not succeded. The Marakwet people have never enjoyed peace. 
Social Problem # 3
Some children became oprhans because their parents died from H.I.V/ Aids..

Social Problem # 4
Kenya is at the moment facing drought period. There is no food or water to drink because the rivers are dry, due lack of rain. . People cannot plant crops because of the drought. The same is happening in Marakwet East. The water infrastructure need to be solved. Job creation for the young people.

Help the Marakwet children by donating so that we can use the money to solve these social problems they are facing. 

Thank you