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We are the Turtles 🐢 and we are joining Team IRC for the CPC Night Walk on 6th March to raise funds for women's capacity building workshops in Odisha!

IRC's She Makes Change campaign celebrates women globally as change makers and highlights the importance of women's full participation in WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) decision making.

Help us reach our target of €2,500!

The funds will be used to facilitate three one-day workshops for 48 women in the Ganjam district of Odisha, India. These workshops will strengthen women with the knowledge and skills to speak up, make their voices heard and advocate for the right to water and sanitation facilities for all.

We believe she makes change. Do you?

Read more about the campaign here:

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IRC is a non-profit organisation that plays an important international role in the field of safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene. Together with local and national governments, with donors and companies, with municipalities and villages, we realize our vision: a world in which no child or adult ever get sick again because she or he has no access to clean drinking water or a toilet. IRC cooperates with partners in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Honduras, India and Uganda and conducts research to solve problems, improve systems and develop models for sustainable and fair services.

IRC is een non-profit organisatie en speelt een belangrijke internationale rol op het gebied van drinkwater, sanitatie en hygiëne. Samen met lokale en nationale overheden, met donoren en bedrijven, met gemeentes en dorpen verwezenlijken we onze visie: een wereld waarin geen kind en geen volwassene ooit nog ziek wordt omdat zij of hij geen toegang heeft tot schoon drinkwater en een toilet. IRC werkt samen met partners in Burkina Faso, Ethiopië, Ghana, Honduras, India en Uganda en doet onderzoek om problemen op te lossen, systemen te verbeteren en modellen te ontwikkelen voor duurzame en rechtvaardige dienstverlening.

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