She Makes Change: Running the CPC for gender equality

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IRC is running the City-Pier-City Run in The Hague on International Women's Day, 8th March, and the Night Walk on 6th March, to raise funds for women's capacity building workshops in Odisha! Support Team IRC as we run and walk for IRC's 'She Makes Change' campaign.

Our campaign, She Makes Change, celebrates women globally as change makers and highlights the importance of women's full participation in WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) decision making. With our target of €2,500 we will facilitate three one-day workshops for 48 women in the Ganjam district of Odisha, India. These workshops strengthen women with the knowledge and skills to speak up, make their voices heard and advocate for the right to water and sanitation facilities for all.
With an additional €600, follow up trainings can be provided to further strengthen these skills learned.

This goes further than safe water, sanitation and hygiene service provision - the skills, knowledge and confidence learned will strengthen these women to stand up for all of their rights, pursue their ambitions, and demand a better life for themselves, their family, and their community. 

Support our Odisha project because achieving clean water and sanitation for all by 2030 will not be possible without the full and meaningful participation of women in political and social decision making! 

Read more about it in our news item.
For all campaign information, including our fundraising guide, visit our webpage: She Makes Change

She Makes Change is sponsored by Ask Roger! with a generous €500 donation towards our fundraising target. Thank you Ask Roger!


IRC and the Watershed programme

IRC is an international non-profit organisation that works with governments, NGOs, businesses and people around the world to find long-term solutions to the global water crisis, sanitation and hygiene services. We believe that the inclusion of women in decision making and politics is fundamental to ensuring sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene systems for all, globally. 

The Watershed programme is a strategic partnership between IRC, Wetlands International, Simavi and Akvo. It focuses on advocating and lobbying for the inclusion of marginalised groups in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) governance, and building the capacity of civil society organisations to represent these marginalised groups and advocate for sustainable WASH services for all.

Civil society organisations are fundamental to ensuring participation of every WASH user, particularly women, and accountability of the government and service providers. Watershed shares skills with these organisations for advocacy and lobbying through training and workshops. The Odisha project provides women with the right knowledge and skills to stand up, speak out and make decisions for themselves, by themselves.

IRC website: https://www.ircwash.org/
Watershed website: https://watershed.nl/

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