Philip Markwat

Raising money for the Homeless

Thanks for taking the time to visit my charity page. I need sponsors for the charity run at the Amsterdam Marathon on 17 October 2010. All proceeds will benefit the Regenboog groep (The Rainbow Group) which does amazing work for the homeless throughout Amsterdam, the Netherlands and even internationally. The money will go specifically to help a new neighbourhood farm/cafe in the Westerpark (West Park) in Amsterdam. The farm is located in a beautiful setting and allows homeless people to work and learn valuable social and behavioural skills. Please donate as every little bit helps -- as little as 1 EUR will go a long way. If you do not wish to leave the 10EUR minimum credit card donation, please contact me to arrange another way to donate a smaller amount. The Rainbow Group had to pay 600 EUR just to enter our 20 runners in the Marathon so we need to earn at least that back before we can start helping this valuable project. Please note that credit card donations only show up in the total and on the donations list after 48 hours. This is so the charity website can prevent fraud! If I can get all my friends on Facebook to donate 2 EUR each we are already there! Donating through this website is simple, fast, and totally secure. Once you donate, the money will be sent directly to the charity. So it is the most efficient way to donate -- I raise more while saving time and cutting costs for the charity. So please dig deep and donate now.
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