Rawaa Kilani

Rescue of 4 cats!

We are in the middle of rescuing  four cats: Sara, Sheehab, Roni and Sally from the devestating warzone of Syria.✨🐱🐱🐱🐱✨

We really need your help to cover the costs of their travel and medical treatment, this includes: treatments for earmites, flees  and worms also they all wil see a proper vet here in the Netherlands who has the knowledge, equiment and the right treatment for them, since it's just not available for them in Syria. 

Because they all need the above first and want to make sure they are 100% healthy before we can look for a forever home, they will stay with some wonderfull foster families in the Netherlands first. 

Since we are a 100% non profit organisation we depend on donations and donations only, every penny will go to the cats in need! 

Please help us , so we can help them! 

 Big love,💕

Team animals Syria-Catconnect

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