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Iran in Amsterdam Pride Parade 2019

Established in 2009, JoopeA is a non-profit organization based in Amsterdam which is working on LGBTIQ+* rights. We believe in a free world and we are trying to promote freedom of speech and sexual rights. IranPride is one of the projects of JoopeA. IranPride  is a facilitator for Iranian queer community to participate in Pride Parades around the world, and hopefully one day in Iran.

IranPride is organizing another parade for Iranian queers as part of the Amsterdam Parade 2019.

Last year an Iranian boat participated in Amsterdam Canal Pride for the second year running and we were chosen as the best boat of 2018 !

Homosexuality is a crime in Iran and is punishable by the death penalty. Many Iranian queers cannot come out to their families due to religious beliefs and societal norms. And those who do face anger, isolation, rejection and sometimes violence. This situation in Iran has resulted in many LGBTIQs fleeing to Western countries.

The Iranian government has a long history of suppressing the LGBTIQ community. Pride Parades represent one of the best events for Iranian queers to show their struggle for freedom.

Being queer is a taboo in Iran so it is difficult to fund our organization.

We have to finish what we started and with your help we can make this happen.

Your generous support will help us to launch a boat on the Amsterdam canals in 2019 and will help inspire millions of queers all over the world especially in Iran.

Thank you for your financial and spiritual support.


IranPride website

* LGBTIQ: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, etc.

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Stichting JoopeA

JoopeA is a social foundation strive to expand Human Rights for Iran and Middle East by focus on LGBTI Rights and access to censor-free information.

Addionally, Stichting JoopeA helps people in restrichted countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. to build up and expand their activities and get connected to world at low risk and no costs.

JoopeA is bound to help new-comer LGBTI to the Netherlands from Middle East for their integration to the society by providing part-time activities and connect them to other local groups.

To read more please visit https://joopea.info

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