Help vulnerable youth in Peru through the lockdown!

Since two months the country of Peru is in a complete lock-down to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result almost nobody is allowed to go out of their houses and to do any work. Many people have informal jobs and therefore are not gaining any money during these months. The youth we work with in our organization Cambiando Horizontes are youth with a past living in orphanages and many of them just started their independent live or moved back to family members. Last weeks we have handed out more than 25 food bags to 12 youth who were facing problems. Their number and need is growing every week as we contact with more youth and orphanages are calling us to help youth with a past in their places.

So, would you help our organization Cambiando Horizontes in provide food and supplies to these vulnerable youth? For $30 we can give them a bag of food for more than a week.   

E. Adrianzen

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