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Fossil Free Culture NL is a collective of artists, activists, researchers and critics working at the intersection of art and climate activism. Our goal is to confront oil and gas sponsorship of public cultural institutions in the Netherlands. We are committed to eroding the fossil fuel industry’s public image and their social license to operate.

We had a great 2018! Our first target, the Van Gogh Museum, dropped Shell and then the Mauritshuis and Museon in The Hague quickly followed suit. Our momentum is growing. Now we need your help to kick us into 2019 with a bang!

Our next oil-stained targets are in sight, but support is still needed to finance our interventions – to make sure each one-off event has a chance to make a maximum impact, a real difference. It takes time, expertise and money to put pressure on climate criminals. Money they have and we don’t. With your support, we will continue to deliver beautiful surprise performances, whenever and wherever they may cause the most embarrassment, and kick the fossil fuel industry out of our cultural institutions!

All donations, big and small, are gratefully accepted.

#DropShell #DropShellAsWell

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