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Food crisis in the wake of COVID-19 in Bangladesh

Since the COVID-19 lock-down in Bangladesh, millions of day-labourers, seasonal migrant workers, minority fisherfolk, rickshaw drivers, garment workers, etc, have lost their sources of income. Without the daily wages on which their families rely for basic needs, this is becoming the start of a widespread food crisis.

From our previous project activities in the poorest areas of the district of Munshiganj, we know who are the most disadvantaged and vulnerable families. We need your help to get them through the effects of the lock-down. Your support will fund food relief activities alongside our current work to provide support and raise awareness around COVID-19.

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NEDERLANDS In Bangladesh drinken miljoenen armen drinkwater verontreinigd met arsenicum. Hoewel het probleem werd beschreven als de ergste massa vergiftiging in de geschiedenis, is er weinig bereikt om het op te lossen. Van de weinige projecten die worden uitgevoerd, zijn er nog minder erin geslaagd om de armen te bereiken en om duurzame voorzieningen voor drinkwater en gezondheidszorg te implementeren. Onze stichting richt zich op een geïntegreerde en participatieve programma dat onderzoek met projectactiviteiten verbindt op een manier die de prioriteiten van de lokale gemeenschappen weerspiegelt. ENGELS In Bangladesh, millions of rural poor are currently drinking water that is contaminated with high levels of arsenic. Although the problem was described as the worst mass poisoning in history, little has been achieved to resolve it. Among the few projects that are being implemented, even fewer have managed to reach the poor and to implement water supplies and health support provisions that last. The urgent and complex character of the arsenic crisis requires an integrated and participatory program that links research with project activities in a manner that reflects the priorities of local communities.

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