Baltic Sea Circle rally 2022

The reason

We will cover 7,500km, on bumpy roads, past white sandy beaches, remote islands, rugged cliffs, and deep fjords - right through the rugged pine forests and via the North Cape (the northernmost point of Europe) during midsummer. Meanwhile, we experience the incredible Scandinavian nature and the godless culture of Russia and the Baltic States. An adventure we will not forget for a lifetime! And that others (that is, you!) will not forget either. Not only because of the photos and videos we will share of this incredible journey, but also because we want to change the world (a little) with donations for a good cause. Because this is ultimately the thinking behind the Baltic Sea Circle rally.


This year Team Midsummer Madness will support the Tomoka Support Foundation again. With the last fundraiser in 2018, with the Balkan Express rally, we managed to raise enough funds to build a latrine block! This time we will raise funds for the purchase of fruit trees and the supplies for a large communal vegetable garden.

The Tomoka Support foundation supports the local population in Avegame, Togo (Africa). 

MidSummer Madness
MidSummer Madness

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MidSummer Madness
MidSummer Madness

€ 1.561 collected