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Make Tamara’s biology study dream in Germany come true

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Do you help to make Tamara’s biology study dream in Germany come true?


Dear all,


My name is Tamara Asatryan. My dream is to continue my study in Germany and become a biologist. As a foreigner and former refugee from Armenia, I face a lot of difficulties. But I’m on my way and I’m not giving up. I’m asking you for financial help in the next step.


My situation

I am a 2nd semester undergraduate Biology student at Ruhr University in Bochum. As I write this, I am at a dead end, trying not to lose the incredible opportunity I have here.


I grew up in Armenia. As a child I had a great interest in biology and natural sciences: I studied the structures of plants, the ratios of animals, and of course the biodiversity of insect species. My aim is to become a researcher in the field of biotechnologies. Because of political circumstances our family had to leave Armenia in 2014. We managed to get to the Netherlands. But in 2017 my family and I were deported back to Armenia.


Now I study in Europe!

Since then I was dreaming of coming back to Europe. I got to know about a program, which would give me the opportunity to study at a German university. Within a few months I taught myself to speak German, applied for the program and… won! Thanks to the support of some Dutch families and friends I succeeded in raising the money necessary to cover my first year in Germany. And they helped me getting a residence permit coupled to a personal study fund.


… And I love to continue

But 2020 was the first year of the pandemy as well. That complicated my study and social integration. The courses were online, so I didn't get the chance to meet the professors and other students in person. Not being able to socialize made it more difficult to improve my German. This lack of language skills and the difficult job market for students during the pandemic made it nearly impossible to earn money myself - I am still searching for a job to work next to my studies. And of course I am still applying for various funds.


My goal

Now I am at the start of my second year.  As a student from Armenia I need to apply for a residence permit to stay in Germany to continue my studies. To get this permit I have to prove on 1 November 2021 a monthly income of €861 which means a total of 10.332 € a year. Unfortunately I can't ask my family for this large amount of money, they are just getting back on their feet after several difficult years.


Of course, I have already gained a lot of experience of overcoming difficulties. But right now I am feeling freaked out, anxious and useless. I'm afraid that this lack of money will ruin my dream.

I decided to use this platform to get support, your support! Any amount of money, any small donation will help me to get one step closer to fulfilling my dream of continuing my studies in Germany.


So I am asking you for your empathy and concern … and your help.

Thank you so much in advance!




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heel studiejaar: 10.332 euro

half studiejaar: 5.161euro

1 maand: 861 euro

twee weken 430 euro

1 week: 215 euro

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