Donate for veterinarian costs and food!

We are a non-profit organization that helps stray dogs and cats in need in Thailand.

Our objective is to reduce the population of stray dogs through sterilization and to relieve them as much as possible from pain, itching and hunger.

Where possible, we seek new homes for puppies, adult dogs, and cats in Thailand and abroad.

We do not have a shelter to take care of the animals so we take care of them on the streets where they live.

Volunteers help by feeding and providing water for the many street dogs in Hua Hin. The volunteers, with our support, are currently taking care of and feeding about ‘xyz’ dogs!

In cooperation with local veterinarians we try to neuter as many stray dogs and cats as possible. And they also receive important vaccines and medication necessary to prevent skin diseases such as mange, eczema and tick and flea infestations.

100% of all donations go directly towards achieving our objectives.

No reward / compensation is or will be paid to directors and volunteers for their voluntary activities.

Our organization works exclusively on a voluntary basis and is entirely dependent on donations and gifts.

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