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There are at least 800,000 stray dogs in Thailand, most of them live and breed in rural areas. This number is increasing because Thai villagers cannot afford to go to local vet and cannot arrange for a spay or neuter surgery. Statistic shows that over 68,000 puppies are born every year and over 100,000 stray dogs are killed in Thailand every year to road kills, poisoning, and starvation. This problem can be solved, or at least the number can be lowered if we spay and neuter.

Spay and neuter can fix the root of any problems cause by stray dogs. With spay and neuter, there will be less puppies born, which means there will be less accidents and less rescue cases. With less strays rescued, animal shelter will not be filled up quickly and it lowers the cost to run the shelter. We also vaccinate the stray dogs that we neuter, which means this program also helps to prevent rabies outbreak.

On average, one female dog can give birth to 2 litters in a year, with 4-8 puppies per litter. By spaying one female dog we can reduce up to 16 unwanted puppies in a year. In other words, by supporting this cause we can spay over 300 dogs and reduce over 5,000 puppies born in a year

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