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Maarten Olthof

Help finish the last 10% of the Vajra Eco Resort in Nepal

At the border with Tibet, 108 km northeast of Kathmandu, the Vajra Eco Resort is being built, a hotel and conference center that serves as an example for sustainable entrepreneurship in Nepal. The initiative for this was taken by Ramkaji Paudel (Chairman of Vajra Foundation Nepal).

The hotel was almost ready when the earthquakes struck in 2015. Everyone can probably still remember how disastrous the earthquakes in 2015 have been. In the region where the resort stands, entire villages have been wiped out. Fortunately the resort was built earthquake-proof, but there was a lot of damage that needed to be repaired. In addition, there have been more natural disasters: floods and landslides have plagued the area. To make matters worse, the border with China was also closed, impeding the supply of goods. And due to disagreement between Nepal and India, there was hardly any fuel left in the country. The building is now ready for 90%, but due to all the repair work the financial recources have dried up.

The hotel will be run in a sustainable way, with sustainable building materials, organic vegetable gardens and a dairy farm, a windmill, a biogas plant and a huge solar kitchen. The resort offers bungalows, but guests can also stay in Mongolian style yurts with attached bathroom.

The Vajra Eco-resort is not only a sustainable, but also a socially responsible company. Part of the profit will be spent on social projects in the area.

A monorail will bridge the bumpy route from the valley to the resort and on to the historical fort on the nearby mountain, where stage performances will take place. The resort will cater to environmentally conscious tourists, but equally to conferences, weddings and other festive occasions. In 2020, an international conference on solar cooking is planned at the resort. Students can do an internship at the resort, and are encouraged to start a sustainable business themselves.

Let's stand shoulder to shoulder with the Nepali team to finance the last 10% of the Vajra Eco Resort. For every € 250 that are donated, an overnight stay for 2 people is offered in the Vajra Eco Resort; full board, and perhaps in the 'Suite' Room, if available! Donors can collect this gift themselves, or pass it on to someone else. The money will be donated through the Vajra Foundation and is therefore also tax deductible from the tax. A free gift without consideration is also possible of course.

If you want to help with a more substantial amount, you could become a shareholders or loan an amount against a more favorable interest rate than the 16% the Nepali banks are charging. For these options please contact through info@vajra.nl.

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