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Give a translation: one hundred stories within one month

Starting on Giving Tuesday Now, within one month, we will translate one hundred stories. Will you join us!?

Giving Tuesday Now is a new global day for giving and unity and takes place on Tuesday May 5, 2020. It is an emergency response to the unprecedented needs caused by Covid-19. Now that schools are closed, multilingual children who speak a different language at home, miss out on the languages they would otherwise use at school.

Our Goal: One Hundred Translations Within One Month

With a team of supporters, the Rutu Foundation has pledged to give a significant boost to the stories available for multilingual children on the online platform Storyweaver. Within one month, we will translate one hundred stories. This will give thousands of children access to great, imaginative stories from around the world in both their mother tongue and the language they use at school. 

The Language Friendly School is our new global network of schools who welcome and value all the languages spoken by their students. Providing multilingual learners with books and stories in their mother tongues is a powerful way to boost students' learning and to make them feel included and appreciated in school.

How can you join us on #GivingTuesdayNow?

1. Help us reach our goal and translate a story yourself!

To translate a Level 1-story, it takes no more than 30 minutes. Register at Storyweaver and follow their instructions for translation. Choose a story you would like to translate (any language, it is up to you!). Finally, share your translation with us on on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #GiveATranslation, or send us an e-mail

2. Give a donation.

The Rutu Foundation is a registered charity based in the Netherlands, aimed at making mother tongue and multilingual education accessible for all children. Half of your donation will go to Storyweaver so they can continue to create and publish wonderful stories! 

Read more about the campaign.


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