Cycle to Work Day

Once a year, during our Cycle to Work Day, we strive to ensure that as many people as possible leave the car at home and take the bicycle instead. To remind ourselves and make people aware that cycling to work benefits you, your community, and the planet By participating in the Cycle to Work Day you can also support Cycling out of Poverty Foundation to equip students, health workers, farmers and small entrepreneurs with bicycles.

How it works?

When you register, you can immediately calculate the savings on car costs if you cycle to work that day. You can donate this small amount to Cycling out of Poverty (CooP-Africa). Every 150 euro means one new bicycle for a student, health worker, farmer or small entrepreneur in Kenya or Uganda. A bicycle provides more income, access to education and health care. People literally will be cycling out of poverty.

We have been working with the Dutch organisation Cycling out of Poverty Foundation for several years. Last year more than 33,350 participants registered for the 17th edition of the (Dutch) National Fiets naar je Werk Dag (Cycle to Work Day), which was a new record. This number of participants had never been so high! This also applied to the donations to Cycling out of Poverty. All cyclists together donated a total of €14,961.40. Which was fantastic!

Sign up and donate

The 18th edition of the Cycle to Work Day will take place on Thursday, May 16, 2024. Sign up quickly and donate to Cycling out of Poverty.

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