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Fund for children with ME who are outplaced against their will As ME in most countries is considered as a non-physical disease, at times children are forcibly removed from their parental home and outplaced under foster care or in wards of (psychiatric) hospitals. Save4Children is meant to cover the expenses for second opinions by ME-experts on paediatrics, thus hoping to influence legal procedures granting the parent(s) their parental rights back.

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We are an international group of ME/CFS patients and advocates who are standing up for parents whose children are unrightfully and against their wills outplaced and put under foster care or even in psychiatric wards, which greatly deteriorates their health.

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After the release in 2015 of the German girl who came to be known as Joanna, it was decided to focus the fund entirely on Karina Hansen, who was kept hostage of the Danish psychiatric system since February 2013. She returned home in October 2016
The donations to this fund are currently exclusively for use in paying the legal expenses incurred by Karina's family as a result of her treatment by the state over recent years.

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