Fatumo Farah

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  • 29/11/2011
  • 03/05/2017
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    Skip a meal and support those who mostly need!

    Helping families whose have been effected by drought in Somalia

    Fatumo Farah Van 22-03-2017 tot 31-05-2017
    HIRDA aims to distribute basic food packets and water for 200 families in IDP's in three regions of somalia drought effected area where a large number of people and thousands of livestock are believ..
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    Support Somali Taekwondo Team

    Fatumo Farah Van 15-04-2014 tot 15-05-2014
    The Somali Taekwondo Federation was established in 2012 and with this, the Somali National Team of Taekwondo. The federation helps athletes around the world to achieve their full potential, prepare..
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    Running for Somali girls and women

    Fatumo Farah Van 10-09-2012 tot 27-09-2012
    The cause: 10 people will run the Run2day Ladiesdamloop on 23 September for HIRDA. The money raised will go to a pilot of re-usable hygiene pads. HIRDA is looking for a sustainable solution to addre..
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